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June 11, 2011. Saturday.

This is why all guys LOVE small wicked weasel bikini’s on teen amateur Jillian!

by @ 6:00. Filed under Dutch Teen

sweet jaimy hotflawless ass

Now that is what I call a flawless teen ass! Just look at hot Sweet Natural Girl Jillian, this is the perfect example of the dutch teen amateur that you wanna see! Skimpy Wicked Weasel bikini and not afraid to strip down for you!

sexy teen jillian loves to flirt

Just WOW! That is what we wanna see, spank that nice flawless hot teen ass! And you know what? Girls like Jillian - how often do you see them on MySpace or Facebook and *wish* you could just tell them how hard you wanna fuck them? Well you can! Yes, Jillian LOVES chatting with you, on her personal blog or forum, know what - watch her fullscreen digital vids and tell her all right HERE!

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June 9, 2011. Thursday.

BananaBrandy shows PINK!

by @ 6:00. Filed under Dutch Teen

Don’t you just love this pink panther bikini! Hot dutch teen BananaBrandy loves teasing in it, just watch how she slides the top away from her perky boobs and puffy nips. Wouldn’t you let her kneel before you and treat you on an even better show and maybe something more? Cause that is what she does, getting nude outside and spreading up. If you wanna see more REAL pink pussy just click HERE!

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June 7, 2011. Tuesday.

knee high tights and a superhot teen ass!

by @ 6:00. Filed under Dutch Teen

Holy shoot just look at SweetNaturalGirl Jillian here! This is how we wanna see hot dutch teen girls! One leg up nice black knee high stockings and a thong that says RIP ME! This girl just has it all. Just take a look at that smile. Amazing. I wonder what she is thinking …

Take it off allright! I so wanna see that flawless ass again! And I can and you can too, just ask Jillian. That’s right miss Jillian loves to chat with her friends on her forum. So - after you have seen her new fullscreen video - PM her and tel her how where and what you wanna do and I can promise you she will say thanks and a LOT more to you in her Personal Messages, all right HERE!

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June 5, 2011. Sunday.

Ultra Short Pink Lace Skirt and pulled down mini skirt for BananaBrandy

by @ 6:00. Filed under Dutch Teen

Wow does it get any sexier then this? Check out Brandy from BananaBrandy all ready for you to pull her panties down and give her a nice and hard doggystyle fuck! You can tell this dutch teen is into a LOT of kinky stuff. And let me tell you if you like cute feet, she has those for sure. Bet you wanna put them up on your shoulders!

Just look at that smile, she is looking right at your hardon and that smile says OK IM READY! Did you know this cute teen is not just a pretty face, but also a really cool teen you can talk to? Yes you can chat with her on her forum or read her blog that’s weekly updated or just lean back and watch her FULLSCREEN masturbation vids. She is hot and it’s all right HERE!

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June 3, 2011. Friday.

Snoopy Jillian looks so damn sexy in her thong!

by @ 6:00. Filed under Dutch Teen

sex jillian snoopy thong

Innocent. That’s the word that comes up. And let me tell you dutch teen amateur Jillian from SweetNaturalGirl is far from that. I know because she just loves to pose on her forum. And it’s not about the latest shoes she bought. No way, this girl loves to tease with her sexy stories and the pics to go with those stories!

teen amat sweet natural girl jillian

So what do we have here? A Snoopy short and an even smaller thong. Small as they can get, cause we want to see her flawless ass. Or did you prefer a lace black top that’s totally seethrough? Just ask Jillian, that’s right, she has a forum too post there and I can guarantee you she will reply and make your day. Right HERE!

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June 1, 2011. Wednesday.

Hot young teen ass doing doggystyle on dutch teen amateur Banana Brandy!

by @ 6:00. Filed under Dutch Teen

teen cutie brandy loves to show her hot ass

This is the chair dutch teen Brandy is gonna get in on her knees ass up legs spread and a nice close up pic of her virgin pussy, well virgin… she LOVES to fuck herself with dildo’s, did you know she even has a masturbation vid she rubs her clit in and comes for real? That’s one hot teen fuckable cutie!

teen cutie brandy loves to show her hot ass

Now this is how we wanna dutch myspace hottie Banana Brandy! Top off panties down and I’ll tell you she keeps her legs up just like you’re fucking her only WE put the cam RIGHT between her legs for the hottest pussy shots close ups! One moist clit that is and the best part is you can even tell her! Brandy has a userforum you know a bulletin board, just post I WANNA FUCK YOU LIKE THAT and I’ll garantuee you Brandy replies, she loves chatting right HERE!

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May 31, 2011. Tuesday.

Yellow cameltoe for BananaBrandy

by @ 6:00. Filed under Dutch Teen

What a cute outfit and so suiting for Miss Banana Brandy. She is wearing a super cute beachbunny outfit. Her thongs are bright yellow like a banana, and her shirt has yellow trim to match. And those sexy, succulent lips are bright red, just like the shirt she is wearing that is covering her puffy nips. This image leaves a lot to the imagination, that is for sure!

Wow, you do not need your imagination for this image! Well, you might be able to imagine the sexy little cameltoe those sexy yellow thongs reveal on this sexy amateur. Brandy is looking extra sexy - those low rise undies and posing there topless - damn. Her pointy, puffy nips are hard to ignore - then again, why would you want to ignore those perfect natural breasts in the first place? Click here now to see more of this hottie!

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May 27, 2011. Friday.

long brown hair and perky boobs: cute teen Chantal!

by @ 6:00. Filed under Dutch Teen

chantal cute teen dutch amateur

Chantal sucking at a dildo: I can tell this is gonna be GREAT! Another hot dutch teen girl from DutchTeenAmateurs. And she will get naked, they do, they all spread up and show the pink bits. You think these cute dutch girls are shy but no way when they’re before the cam that shyness is gone before you’ve seen it!

horny dildo spread eagle teen

That is what I meant: I can assure you that big green vibrator is gonna slide in ALL the way get wet and you will see every bit of it in super close-up pics of Chantal’s hot moist pussy! Did you know Dutch Teen Amateurs has over 10.000 pics already and updates EVERY monday with a hot new dutch teen? Check them all out right HERE!

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May 25, 2011. Wednesday.

Cute Teen Blonde Sandy has her legs up already!

by @ 6:00. Filed under Dutch Teen

Well who do we have here! It’s cute dutch teen blonde Strawberry Sandy and judging by her pose and her hard nipples, I’d say she is more then ready for some hot action! Just look at the top just taken down for you to suck her hard nipples. I’m sure she has some naughty things for you in mind as well!

I just knew it! She is totally ready for a nice legs up on your shoulder hard fuck! Girls like Sandy look SO innocent but let me tell you all they want is a hard cock to suck on and Sandy is exactly like that! She has tons of HQ pics and the hottest fullscreen vids to show you, rubbin masageoil on her tits in the shower and sliding the biggest dildo’s inside on video! All right HERE!

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May 21, 2011. Saturday.

SweetNaturalGirl Jillian: THE flawless ass!

by @ 6:00. Filed under Dutch Teen

Cute french manicured toenails, an amazing smile and an ass that’s just TOO hot: meet SweetNaturalGirl Jillian. What a cutie uh? Know what? This hottie has tons of pics, fullscreen vids and the best part is you can even EMAIL her or post on her forum! Want stockings? Whipped cream? Babyoil? Or a really hot outfit? Just ask Jillian!

That’s a tappable ass: right there to be fucked doggystyle hard and LONG. Wonder if Jillian loves that? Well let me tell you she does! I know cause she posted it on her forum when a member asked! This gurl loves to tease and it shows! More goodies right HERE!

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May 19, 2011. Thursday.

spread pink in that red chair Banana Brandy points out how she wants to be fucked!

by @ 6:00. Filed under Dutch Teen

sexy teen banana brandy ripping that green thong with her teeth

Wow just look at those puffy nips, this hot teen Banana Brandy is a girl you´d like to have beside you on the couch! Suck her nice nips watch her amazing smile and then enjoy her as she goes down and gives that nice and long blowjob you always wanted. Yes we do have pics of Brandy doing that! She loves to show off her naked teen body!

hot dutch myspace teen brandy

Now is this a tease or what. Brandy spreads up naked in that red chair for you showing off her nice tight pussy as these dutch teen amateur girls have! Wanna tell her how you´d like to fuck her you CAN! Just click right HERE and go to her forum she loves to chat!

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May 17, 2011. Tuesday.

DutchTeenAmateurs: girls like young Anita spread up!

by @ 6:00. Filed under Dutch Teen

This is Anita from DutchTeenAmateurs and tell me have you ever seen an ass more inviting then hers? Check out her cute toon full back panties, ready to be taken down? And in fact she already did that herself! Cause a girl like Anita, well let me tell you she is one horny teen sitting there ready with her dildo!

Look at DutchTeenAmateurs Anita licking her dildo, no wait it’s a vibrator, cause she is about to turn it on and move it inside hard and deep, just like she would be ready for you legs up and ready to be fucked! These dutch girls will do anything, young, cute and no way they will say no. Check Anita out her with 1000s of other pictures at DutchTeenAmateurs right HERE!

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May 15, 2011. Sunday.

let’s talk about a hot dutch teen ass…

by @ 6:00. Filed under Dutch Teen

Pretty perfect uh: well let’s meet SweetNaturalGirl’s Jillian. See how she bends over on her bed and shows you the perfect butt. This hot dutch teen loves getting in positions that only tells you she wants it all and you to do it! And the best part is yet to come! Just look at those white lace panties YUMMY!

So how would you like her to pose? That’s right: you can ASK her to pose in a way you just love to look at her. Jillian has her own forum and she loves chatting with you! Wanna send lingerie? A hot thong? A fansign? No problemos! She does it all. Check out this cute hottie right HERE!

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May 13, 2011. Friday.

Amazing legs hot feet flawless ass that about sums up Sweet Natural Girl Jillian

by @ 6:00. Filed under Dutch Teen

cute jillian loevs to show her ass off in the park

Look at miss Jillian.  One leg up and the other on the floor, just like you want her to stand right before you, so innocent and cute as can be! SweetNaturalGirl, Jillian´s site, has all these hot pics of dutch teen amateur girls, hotties you won´t find on MySpace or Youtube but sexy pics, sheer tops, seethrough panties and even better, these girls are on high quality fullscreen video too!

what an amazing hottie this dutch teen amateur is

What a perfect smile, and the best part is, you can tell Jillian. Yes, she has her own forum, loves to chat with her members and you can chat with her too! Just check out the her hot pics right HERE! Did I tell she blogs too, she loves sitting on her bed in the mornin thong only and write some nice and sexy girly stuff for you!

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May 11, 2011. Wednesday.

Check those puffy nips on BananaBrandy!

by @ 6:00. Filed under Dutch Teen

Now who is that cute teen stripping for you right here? It’s Brandy from BananaBrandy and she is about to get ready to show off her puffy nips and amazing soft boobies for you on video! Did you know that her vids are FULLSCREEN and show every dirty detail you want to see? Legs spread boobs closeups it’s all there!

Ah a lollypop, and what is BananaBrandy gonna do with that? Rub it against her puffy nips for sure and maybe some more, cause this teen is HOT! Did you know her members vids are the hottest you have seen including several hot masturbation vids with closeups so you have her tight juicy pussy fullscreen? It’s all right here!

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